After the initial meeting with a qualified individual or family, we conduct a thorough analysis of the existing investment portfolio in order to truly understand their current investments. We seek to analyze/evaluate all holdings to determine if they are consistent with sound principles and each client’s unique financial goals. This process is known as our Clearview Portfolio review.

Of course there is no charge for the review. We use our detailed review to gain insight into the portfolio’s allocations and how those allocations measure against commonly accepted benchmarks. The review also enables you to clearly see how our management of the assets would differ from the current advisor. During the review, we provide our clients with a realistic understanding of:

  • How current holdings will be integrated into the new portfolio.
  • The tax implications associated with this transition and other possible options.
  • The time frame necessary to achieve the transition while minimizing taxes.

Your review begins with assembling the necessary information including:

  • The Clearview Investment Questionnaire and Risk Tolerance Profile.
  • Recent brokerage and/or banks statements, preferably with cost basis information.
  • A discussion of your prior investment history, risk tolerance, and associated comfort level.
  • An analysis of your expectations: How much is enough for retirement? Which investments, if any, are you uncomfortable with? Which investments should be retained?
  • If needed, and with your approval, we will contact your tax counsel to determine if there is an existing gain/loss budget to be maintained.
  • Insight into your lifestyle needs: What are your current income needs? Will your needs change in the future? Are there other expenditures we should be planning for?

Once we have assembled the necessary information we can begin our detailed analysis – which can take up to a few weeks. When complete, we will schedule to discuss our findings with you and to make recommendations.

There are many valuable reasons to provided this analysis. Most importantly, it allows us to develop an in-depth understanding of your current portfolio and its likelihood of achieving your financial goals. Once created, this foundation equips you with the information that enables you to make the best possible decision: Continue with your current plan or choose Clearview to manage your assets.

When we establish a relationship with a client, we are making a commitment to that client’s financial future. In order to partner with you, we must first assess the current status of your investments. In the Clearview Portfolio Review we will: 

  • Review what we have learned about you and your family including financial goals, income needs, risk tolerances, timelines and concerns.
  • Examine your portfolio including the allocations to stocks, bonds, cash and alternative investments because the asset mix is the single most important decision and should be appropriate for your age and risk tolerance.
  • Determine whether each individual investment is suitable on a stand-alone basis and as a part of a diversified whole.
  • Suggest detailed recommendations based on our investment experience and tailored to how you can best achieve your goals.

Making the decision to change the manager of your investments is difficult. We believe that spending time at the beginning of the relationship to gain an understanding of how you think about your investment portfolio is the best way to provide guidance on how to meet your important objectives. Further, we believe that by listening we will better understand your needs and therefore, be better able to serve them.

You have spent a lifetime acquiring your assets. We urge you to take the time necessary to develop the right investment strategy solution to achieve your goals.