Clearview’s Wealth Solutions can help with retirement

Retirement should be spent on enjoyable activities with those held dear.  Unfortunately, reaching this goal has become more difficult over the past generation as employer’s retirement contributions have diminished and participant self-administration has become the norm.  Determining how large a portfolio will be required is a challenging question for planning professionals as well as the prospective retiree.   Further, spending needs change throughout life and planning for the unexpected can be difficult.  And as we have recently seen, portfolios can be subject to market whim; significant or unanticipated declines can seriously alter ones options in retirement.

At Clearview, we try to solve the “How much is enough?” question with a combination of anticipatory planning tools and proactive management.  While we cannot know the future or predict market returns, we can educate and manage in accordance with each specific client’s objectives and constraints.

Clearview’s retirement planning elements include:

Our five step retirement planning discipline creates the planning framework necessary to properly develop our solution.  This rigorous process involves:  discovery of client needs, plan development, plan design, implementation and ongoing consulting.  Please see Clearview’s Retirement Planning Solution for additional information on this topic.

A well-constructed asset allocation defines several important portfolio characteristics including objectives, constraints, client risk tolerance and time horizon.  Through the development of custom tailored asset allocation, careful selection of securities and limiting costs, we can reduce the impact of unexpected events.  Please see Clearview’s Asset-Allocation for Retirement Portfolios for further information.

Our Sustainable Wealth Track framework – Unexpected events can be better managed if the portfolio is designed and implemented properly.  We take a long-term perspective on client portfolios to limit the effects of random short-term events. Our wealth track is a pathway to understanding and proactive management of the spending side of the equation.  Through client education, the acquisition of sufficient wealth, and hands-on management, we can modify the plan when necessary.   Please see Clearview’s Retirement Planning Solution for additional information.

Thoughtful, client focused, decision making allows us to provide a more comprehensive, tax-aware solution for our clients and their families.  We take control of the investment portfolio and make necessary changes in real time, before the issue becomes an irreversible condition.

Over the past decade retiring has become more complex.  Increasing lifespans, a more turbulent economy and smaller employer contributions have made saving for retirement tougher.  Several years of planning for this event is now recommended by many financial planners.  Through the use of the Clearview planning and education process, an appropriate asset allocation, sustainable spending plan and thoughtful decision making, we believe we can help build a lasting solution for a successful retirement.