I. Customized Portfolios, Internally Managed:  We provide our clients with a customized, well diversified core portfolio designed to deliver competitive, risk adjusted market returns.  Equity and fixed income portfolios are managed to support each client’s overall investment objectives using a core-satellite approach.

II. Tax-Aware Investing:  We strive to determine the most advantageous method of minimizing each client’s tax bill by providing tax management through client specific, independent advice.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” portfolio or automated overlay process.  We aim to provide better after-tax returns through management of the entire core portfolio with ongoing planning as our client’s objectives change.

III. Fiduciary Duty, Alignment with Clients:  As a registered Investment Advisor we are a fiduciary; meaning we act in the best interest of our clients.  We provide unbiased solutions aligned with our client’s goals and observant of their constraints.  Our fees are competitive, and all inclusive. The use of separately managed accounts allows for complete transparency and third party custody of our client’s assets.