Core Equity

The core equity portfolio is a blend of mid and large cap value and growth stocks. The value/growth mix depends on relative values and cycle analysis. Both top-down (macro analysis) and bottom-up (stock specific) analysis is used to construct portfolios with a long-term horizon. Each separate account can be tax managed to provide loss harvesting in order to improve after-tax returns. This strategy can be customized around existing “legacy” highly appreciated holdings.

Dividend Growth

Our Dividend Growth portfolio strategy is constructed with high quality, blue-chip stocks that have above average dividend yields combined with a history of growing dividends for many years. Our proprietary model chooses stocks with both dividends and dividend growth that appear to be sustainable. This conservative portfolio does not lend itself to tax-loss harvesting but may be customized around “legacy” highly appreciated holdings.

Focus 20+ Growth

The Focus 20+ Growth Portfolio consists of both mid and large cap value and growth stocks. The portfolio may be tilted towards cap size and style based upon the opportunities present and market conditions. This portfolio is a subset of core-equity but has a higher risk profile and can be expected to have more volatility. It, too, is meant for long-term investors. Both tax loss harvesting and customization around “legacy” holdings may be accomplished with this strategy.

Core Fixed Income

Our internally managed fixed-income strategy includes high quality, short term and intermediate term bonds. The minimum credit rating for each bond is “A” by the major credit rating agencies and the maximum maturity is 15 years. Fixed income investments provide stability and income. Our active approach anticipates likely future interest rate trends and invests the portfolio accordingly.

Core Balanced

Our balanced approach includes one or more of our equity strategies in combination with Core Fixed Income. The broadly defined mix between stocks and bonds is determined by the investor’s unique risk profile. Equities are held to produce long-term growth while fixed income provides stability and income to the overall portfolio. This risk managed, custom tailored portfolio is designed to meet an individual’s specific long-term objectives.