The retirement planning services capability at Clearview Wealth Solutions was developed at the request of our clients as a way to provide a more thorough, client centered process of transitioning from career to retirement.  Our independence, depth of experience and “hands-on” investment management expertise allow us to develop a more comprehensive, tax-aware solution for our private clients and their families.  We act as a fiduciary, aligned with the long-term best interests of each client’s specific objectives and constraints.


The five step process of this more rigorous process includes:

I.Discovery and analysis of client needs,

II.Client centered retirement plan development,

III.Retirement plan design,

IV.Implementation of the plan, and

V.Ongoing retirement plan consulting.


Step 1:Discovery and analysis of client needs and investment history, assets aggregated, in-depth examination of existing portfolio
Step 2:Client centered retirement plan development, prioritization of objectives and constraints, open exchange of ideas, past concerns or possible issues, and clarification of all information
Step 3:Retirement plan and recommended portfolio, sustainable wealth track design, thoughtful tax-aware portfolio policy, and educational support
Step 4:Implementation of plan, financial plan process put in place, portfolio management transition is begun
Step 5:Ongoing retirement plan consulting, portfolio management transition completed monitoring, rebalancing and reporting, meeting whenever necessary to update plan