Our Core-Satellite investment approach is the philosophical underpinning of each and every one of the portfolio solutions we create for our clients. Core-Satellite is an established method of portfolio construction that can offer investors improved performance, especially on an after-tax basis.  In core strategies where little is to be gained from high turnover, less active, low-turnover management is employed along with dedicated tax planning across the portfolio.  The goal of this approach is thoughtful tax planning based upon specific client objectives involving location management, ongoing tax-loss harvesting, holding period management and proper tax-lot accounting.  Further, through the use of separately managed accounts, clients have complete transparency to the investment management process, including custodial and transaction fees. Greater transparency supports lower costs, improved investor understanding and better returns over extended timeframes.

In satellite strategies where active manager outperformance has been established or can be expected, ETFs and/or active mutual funds that offer unique exposure are used.  Satellite strategies are often tactical or temporary in nature and include specialty fixed-income, specialty equity, real assets, real estate and alternative investments.

At Clearview Wealth Solutions we use a core-satellite framework and tax-aware investment management techniques to better achieve our clients’ goals.